Minnesota My Home Real Estate and Lake Minnetonka Eats

February 15, 2021 Tiffany Beitler

Obviously I love the Lake Minnetonka area otherwise I wouldn't have written a book about it. So I want to talk a bit about the businesses we run that have a part of Lake Minnetonka in them.

Minnesota My Home Real Estate works with people to buy homes and sell homes in the Lake Minnetonka and surrounding area. My husband and I own the business - he is the realtor and I do the marketing as a part of Cooks Bay Marketing. I've lived here my entire life and we know the area very well.

The best part is that when a client buys a home with us and moves into the area, we love taking them out on a restaurant crawl to give them a "taste" of the restaurants around Lake Minnetonka. What better than to give the Lake Minnetonka Eats book as part of the closing gift as well?!

Looking for Lake Minnetonka homes for sale? Get started today! We're happy to walk you through the process and meet obligation-free to talk about your options.

Visit the Minnesota My Home Real Estate website or Call/email Andrew Beitler at 612-432-3873 or I'm happy to chat too! or 612-799-1643.


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